CIDAR Company is considered the official incubator for an art commercial project that depends on the production of high artistic value paintings made of wood and plastic.

The company is a leader in the wood industry and interior decoration paintings. It depends on the art of Arabic calligraphy. We seek to provide services and products characterized by diversity in order to meet the need of the market in relation to woodwork and decorative paintings that combine between modernity and the beauty of heritage. The products are made in accordance with the international features for manufacturing.

The company is keen to use the latest production lines in all stages of manufacturing in order to keep a line with the highest standards of international quality. The aim is to enhance customers’ confidence and provide distinct products for them.

Company’s work strategy

We are working to strengthen the company’s current product range by focusing on product development and quality, and strengthening the relationship with existing customers by meeting their demands. The company is eager to maintain the highest standards of quality by continually improving operational processes by rationalizing and improving the efficiency of the processes.

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